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No matter how well coaching is described in a website, or any other print medium, the explanation will leave many questions unanswered. The best way to answer these questions is in a one-to-one dialog. Hence the discovery meeting via Zoom video conferencing.

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In more than thirty years of creating computer software for some of the world’s best-known businesses, I developed a solid understanding of what makes a great company work well and what can get in the way of businesses achieving their maximum potential. With that experience supporting me, I chose to step out and bring that understanding of business success to smaller companies as a business coach. After ten years of coaching leaders to develop their businesses, I knew that I wanted to go even deeper into helping people develop the success habits and skills that would enrich every area of life.

Today, after more than a year of rigorous training and practice, I have earned the designation “Certified Human Potential Coach”. This training and practice, in conjunction with all my prior business and coaching experience has prepared me to help people like you achieve the best possible life for themselves.

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